Track your emissions and learn how to reduce them

Easily track your daily carbon emissions from meals, travel, purchases, and more! Plus, easily become carbon neutral and offset all your emissions by supporting reforestation around the world!

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Advanced carbon tracking

Automatically track the impact of your car trips and flights.

Track the footprint of your utilities, purchases, and food.
Unlimited offsets

Join LiveGreen Plus and get unlimited offsets at a flat rate.

Offset all your purchases, travel, utilities, and more by supporting reforestation in American National Parks. πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ

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See the impact of your food

Log your food using our growing 500+ meal and ingredient database.
Get rewarded for taking action

Earn points everytime you choose to walk or bike.

Use your points to redeem sustainable goods, like AllBirds!

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People Love LiveGreen

LiveGreen helps people keep track of their actual carbon footprint, learn simple steps they can take to reduce it, and easily offset what they can't reduce by supporting reforestation.


"The best (and only) CO2 mindfulness app! Just got on board with LiveGreen today, and I’m thoroughly impressed with how well put together the app is. Logging meals and having it automatically track my trips in the car is... incredible to say the least."


"I’ve been looking for an app to track my carbon emissions that gives me the challenge to live green everyday. The feature to make an impact by planting trees is a great way to make a physical impact on the planet we live on."


"LiveGreen has been useful in helping me be informed about my lifestyle and what I can do to lower my carbon footprint. I recently thought about what kind of food I should order to make better choices for myself and for the planet!"