Make your company greener, from the inside out

Incentivize your employees to adopt greener practices through friendly competition, plant trees supporting reforestation around the world, and show off your company's achievements with an easy to share realtime webpage.

How LiveGreen can work for your business

LiveGreen allows your company understand and reduce its carbon footprint, and incentivizes action by allowing anyone to plant real trees in reforestation projects globally


Track and understand emissions

LiveGreen lets anyone easily estimate their baseline emissions with a simple quiz, providing an accurate base to improve from.


Learn how to reduce them with goals

Based on lifestyle and company goals, LiveGreen generates three tips everyday that users can take in order to have the biggest effect on reducing their carbon footprint.


Incentivize action with real trees

Every time a user completes an action or ranks highly relative to other employees for a given period, they earn points that can be used to plant trees in reforestation projects of their choice globally, sponsored by their company.


Show off your company progress

Companies can easily their realtime webpage documenting progress towards their climate goals, and showcasing trees planted in their forests. Use this to show off your real climate action to potential employees, press, or the general public.

Powered by robust climate research

LiveGreen's carbon emissions tools are built using climate research from leading institutions and are always being tuned to provide useful insights into how to reduce your emissions.