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Why LiveGreen?

Solving climate change starts by changing your lifestyle. The average American has an annual carbon footprint of 17 metric tons, double the world's average. Small changes to your daily lifestyle, such as changing what you eat or how you get to work, can dramatically reduce your footprint. LiveGreen helps you understand, improve, and offset your emissions.

LiveGreen Makes Your Emissions Tangible and Trackable

At the end of every day, a quick Quiz estimates your emissions and how much CO2 you saved compared to the average American.

LiveGreen simplifies your daily emissions into an Eco Score. The closer your score is to 100 the more eco-friendly your lifestyle is.

Each time you complete a Quiz, your Daily Eco Score is added to your total Eco Points. A tree is planted for every 500 Eco Points you receive.

Complete Challenges to Save CO2 and Plant Trees

Challenge yourself and your friends to take additional actions to fight climate change, such as recycling, taking cold showers, and cooking your meals at home. Challenges become harder but reward more points or trees as you level up.

The More You Use LiveGreen, the More Trees We Plant for You

LiveGreen partners with Eden Reforestation Projects to plant trees in Madagascar, Nepal, and Haiti. The local community is hired to plant and care for the trees. In addition to offsetting your carbon emissions, trees help by giving them a decent income to support their families. The survival rate for trees planted is over 80%, translating to millions of tons of carbon saved per year.

Fighting Climate Change Is More Fun with Friends

LiveGreen is based on social interaction, allowing you to see all your friends' stats and challenges they are taking!

Track how green your friends are while competing with them in saving the most CO2 and planting the most trees.

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